New year traditions in spain

As the year comes to a close, I have another great Spanish tradition to share with you — welcoming the New Year with 12 Grapes or as we would say in Spanish “doce uvas” 🍇

How Do New Year Traditions in Spain Work?

🕰️ As the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December, people across the country gather around their TV screens or in public squares (normally in front of a church or important building) to listen to the chiming of the clocks. 🔔 With each stroke of the clock, we eat a grape, leading to a total of twelve.

What Is The Spanish New Year Grapes Tradition? And Why 12?

The tradition says that if you eat 12 grapes before the final stroke of midnight you will have good luck and prosperity for each month of the coming year.🍀 It’s a fun, hopeful and positive way to start the New Year!

It might sound easy, but eating twelve grapes in twelve seconds requires a bit of skill (specially for slow eaters like me).

💡 Tips to achieve the goal of eating 12 Grapes in 12 seconds:

  • Be Prepared: Be sure to have your grapes ready to go before the countdown begins. In some supermarkets you can even buy them peeled!
  • Seedless Grapes: To avoid any unexpected interruptions get seedless grapes. Thank me later!
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Some people even practice the art of grape eating the days before New Year’s Eve to get into a festive competitive mood.

Not a fan of grapes? I’ve seen people eating olives, peanuts or even crisps! Pick your favourite! 😁

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¡Hasta pronto!


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