Spanish Vacation Fast Track ✈️
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Welcome to Vacation Fast Track – the free Spanish course for lingo on vacation! Learn all the important Spanish phrases for travel.

Module 1: Spanish Phrases At the airport

Watch the video first and try to repeat the words to improve your pronunciation.

All you need to take with you at the airport

Would you like to go one step further? Learn the most useful Spanish phrases to say at the airport before your trip:

Main Spanish phrases to say at the airport:

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
Where is…?¿Dónde está…?
What is my boarding gate?¿Cuál es mi puerta de embarque?
Where is the information desk?¿Dónde está el mostrador de información?
I need help.Necesito ayuda
Where is the check-in counter?¿Dónde está el mostrador de check-in?
What is my seat number?¿Cuál es mi número de asiento?
Where can I find a waiting area?¿Dónde puedo encontrar una sala de espera?
What is the departure/arrival time?¿Cuál es la hora de salida/llegada?
Where can I exchange foreign currency?¿Dónde puedo cambiar moneda extranjera?
Where can I buy food/drinks?¿Dónde puedo comprar comida/bebidas?
Where are the restrooms?¿Dónde están los baños?
Is there free Wi-Fi available at the airport?¿Hay Wi-Fi gratuito disponible en el aeropuerto?

Module 2: Spanish Phrases At the Hotel

This module is composed by two parts:

In Part 1 you will learn how to check in your hotel. Your experience in your Spanish speaking destination will feel exciting since the first moment! Do you have any special requests regarding your room? I’ve got you covered!

Part 1 – Hotel Check In

Watch the dialogues with the receptionist first and try and get used to say them out loud. You can then complete them with additional useful phrases you will find below.

Main phrases to say in Spanish at the hotel check in:

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
I have a reservation under the name of [your name]Tengo una reserva a nombre de [tu nombre]
I would like to check in at the hotel.Quisiera registrarme en el hotel.
What is the cost of the room per night?¿Cuál es el coste de la habitación por noche?
What time is check-in/check-out?¿A qué hora es el check-in/check-out?
Where is my room?¿Dónde está mi habitación?
Is Wi-Fi available in the rooms?¿Hay Wi-Fi disponible en las habitaciones?
Could you help me with the luggage?¿Podría ayudarme con el equipaje?
Where is the breakfast area?¿Dónde está el desayuno?
Thank youGracias

Part 2 – Hotel Check Out

Sadly your vacation is getting to an end but you still have a chance to keep practicing your Spanish! The video and phrases below will get you ready to check out like a native Spanish speaker would!

Complete your check out experience with the phrases below and don’t forget to download them for free! 📲

Main Spanish phrases to say at the hotel check out:

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
I would like to check out.Quisiera hacer el check-out.
Can you print the bill for me, please?¿Puede imprimirme la factura, por favor?
Where can I leave the room key?¿Dónde puedo dejar la llave de la habitación?
What is the check-out time?¿Cuál es la hora de salida?
Can you call a taxi for me?¿Puede llamar un taxi para mí?
Are there any additional charges on my bill?¿Hay algún cargo adicional en mi cuenta?
Thank you for your assistance during my stay.Gracias por su atención durante mi estadía.
Can I leave my luggage here until later?¿Puedo dejar mi equipaje aquí hasta más tarde?
It has been a pleasant stay.Ha sido una estancia agradable.

Module 3: Spanish Phrases At the restaurant

Have a full interaction at the restaurant in Spanish! Make a reservation, order your favourite food, ask for the bill and much more! How exciting is that? Watch the video below and practice your phrases for a perfect pronunciation:

Main phrases to say in Spanish at the restaurant:

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
Do you have a table available?¿Tienen una mesa disponible?
I would like a table for [number of people]Quisiera una mesa para [número de personas]
Can I see the menu, please?¿Puedo ver el menú, por favor?
What is the dish of the day?¿Cuál es el plato del día?
What do you recommend?¿Qué me recomienda?
Can I order something to drink?¿Puedo pedir algo de beber?
I would like to order/eat [dish name]Quisiera ordenar/comer [nombre del plato]
Do you have any vegetarian/vegan options?¿Tiene alguna opción vegetariana/vegana?
What ingredients does this dish have?¿Qué ingredientes lleva este plato?
Can you make it spicier/milder?¿Puede hacerlo más picante/sin picante?
Can you bring me the bill, please?¿Puede traerme la cuenta, por favor?
Do you accept credit cards?¿Aceptan tarjetas de crédito?
Thank youGracias
PleasePor favor

Module 4: Spanish Phrases At the beach / swimming pool

One of the reasons why people decide to travel to a Spanish speaking destination is the sun and good weather. Some of the regions in Spain get over 320 days of sunshine in a year. That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

In this video you will learn the most important vocabulary that you will need on a hot sunny day around the beach / swimming pool. ¡Vamos!

Add these phrases into your list to get your Spanish to the extra mile:

Main Spanish phrases to say at the beach / swimming pool:

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
Hello! Is there any chair available?¡Hola! ¿Hay alguna silla disponible?
Where can I get a towel?¿Dónde puedo conseguir una toalla?
Can I order something to drink?¿Puedo pedir algo para beber?
What is the water temperature?¿Cuál es la temperatura del agua?
Are there showers available for after swimming?¿Hay duchas disponibles para después de nadar?
What is the pool’s schedule?¿Cuál es el horario de la piscina?
Where can I buy sunscreen?¿Dónde puedo comprar protector solar?
When are the water activities held?¿Cuándo se realizan las actividades acuáticas?
Can I order takeout food here?¿Puedo pedir comida para llevar aquí?
Where can I get an umbrella?¿Dónde puedo conseguir una sombrilla?

Bonus! Only for a 100% immersive Spanish experience

You haven’t had a complete immersive Spanish experience if during your holidays you haven’t interact with locals other than the hotel staff, waiters and taxi drivers.

Enjoy a day to day conversation in Spanish, introduce yourself and make some new friends! This is the last step to an unforgettable vacation!

English 🇬🇧Spanish 🇪🇸
Hello! I’m [your name].¡Hola! Soy [tu nombre].
How are you?¿Cómo estás?
I’m good, thank you.Estoy bien, gracias.
Are you enjoying your stay at the hotel?¿Estás disfrutando tu estancia en el hotel?
Yes, the hotel is beautiful, and the staff is excellent.Sí, el hotel es muy bonito y la atención del personal es excelente.
Are you from here or on vacation?¿Eres de aquí o estás de vacaciones?
I’m on vacation. I’m from [your country].Estoy de vacaciones. Soy de [tu país].
Have you visited any interesting places in the city?¿Has visitado algún lugar interesante en la ciudad?
I have visited [place name] and also plan to visit [another].He visitado [nombre del lugar] y también planeo visitar [otro].
Would you like to join us at the bar/restaurant?¿Te gustaría acompañarnos en el bar/restaurante?
That sounds great! I would love to join you.¡Suena genial! Me encantaría unirme.
Wonderful! Let’s meet at [time] in the bar/restaurant.¡Maravilloso! Nos encontramos a las [hora] en el bar/restaurante.
See you then!¡Hasta entonces!

I hope you enjoyed this Spanish self-paced course.

You’re now ready for your next holiday in a Spanish speaking country. Don’t forget to take all the main phrases here to check them anytime you need:

¡Buen viaje y hasta pronto!