El ti贸 de nadal (catalan christmas tradition in spain)

I want to share a very special and unique Christmas tradition from the region where I am from: Catalonia 馃挍 

While the rest of Spain impatiently waits for the arrival of Santa馃巺馃徎, Catalonia adds its own magical twist to the holiday celebrations with “El Ti贸 de Nadal.

馃 El Ti贸, affectionately known as the “Christmas Log” or “Caga Ti贸” (pooping log), yes, haha! you鈥檝e read that correctly! is a log with a smiley face, adorned with the traditional Catalan red hat and covered with a warm cozy blanket. 

El ti贸 de Nadal or Caga ti贸
El Ti贸 de Nadal

Who puts el Ti贸 de Nadal in their homes?

Each Catalan family has its own Ti贸 de Nadal (the same one every year). Around December 8th this special Christmas log will arrive to each house (put by the parents) where children are waiting impatiently. 

Leading up to Christmas children “feed” El Ti贸 small treats like nuts, dried fruits, candies, milk鈥 symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

El Ti贸 de Nadal Song:

On the most important day (Christmas Eve or Christmas Day depending on each household), families gather around El Ti贸 and sing its traditional song called “caga ti贸“. This song humorously encourage the log to “poop out” presents.

Children take turns beating El Ti贸 with sticks to encourage the “pooping” of gifts. Small surprises, candies, and treats mysteriously appear from under the blanket. Everybody has to make sure they鈥檝e been good through the year, otherwise they will get charcoal! 

The Meaning and Origins of El Ti贸 de Nadal:

Originally, it is believed that El Ti贸 represented a magical log that provided warmth during the winter solstice. The rhythmic beating represents a collective effort to awaken the log’s magical powers, encouraging it to “defecate” presents. In its ancient pagan roots, the act of the log “pooping” presents could symbolize fertility and the promise of a fruitful harvest. 

I hope that you enjoyed knowing more about this funny and different tradition. Personally is one of my favourite days of the year!

FAQs About Tio De Nadal

What Is Tio De Nadal?
Ti贸 de Nadal is a Catalan Christmas tradition involving a hollow log that “poops” presents for children when they hit it with sticks.

What Color Is Tio De Nadals Hat?
The hat of Tio de Nadal is typically red.

Where Is Tio De Nadal Celebrated?
Tio de Nadal is celebrated in Catalonia, Spain.

What Does Tio De Nadal Mean?
Tio de Nadal translates to “Christmas Log” or “Pooping Log” in English.

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