Spanish horror movies on netflix


I’m about to take you on a hauntingly thrilling ride into the world of Spanish horror films also available on Netflix UK (2023)!

As the nights grow longer and with Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to combine language learning with a bit of suspense and terrifying tales.

🌙 Lights Off, Fright On: Prepare to embark on a bone-chilling adventure through the darkness of Spanish horror. Whether you’re just starting your Spanish language journey or you’re a seasoned learner, these films are sure to keep you glued to your seats while enhancing your language skills.

🎬 My Selection: I’ve handpicked a variety of Spanish horror films that cater to different fear levels: 

  • Verónica: In Madrid, 1991, a teenage girl becomes the target of a malevolent supernatural entity following her participation in an Ouija session with two fellow classmates.
  • Phenomena: Three women in their middle years, dedicated to probing into paranormal occurrences, face a challenging ordeal when their leader, Father Pilón, vanishes.
  • Don’t listen: Daniel and Sara, parents to a 9-year-old boy named Eric, have recently relocated to a new house, unaware that their neighbours refer to it as “the house of the voices.” Eric is the first to discern the peculiar sounds emanating from behind each door.
  • Errementari: Tranquility in a serene village is shattered when its residents disrupt the reclusive and dreaded blacksmith, who is rumored to have sinister associations with the devil.

💀 Dare to Watch: My carefully curated list of films will send shivers down your spine while expanding your Spanish vocabulary.

So, get cozy with your favourite blanket, pop some popcorn, and dim the lights as we explore the spine-tingling world of horror movies in Spanish on Netflix UK.

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